My name is Bjørn Grinde

I work as a senior scientist with the Division of Mental and Physical Health, Norwegian Institute of Public Health. I started my studies in biology at the University of Oslo with an interest in this one organ of one particular species - the human brain. The interest led to further studies in anthropology, psychology, and pedagogics; and to a research career focusing on the process of evolution. I believe that insight into the functions and inherent tendencies laid down in the brain can help us improve mental health. An understanding of human nature should also help us organize society in order to offer both present and future people a chance to have a good life.

In short, I try to understand how evolution has shaped the human brain. This includes explaining features like why we kiss, what falling in love means, and why we get jealous. I believe insight in our brain can be used to improve society. The term Darwinian Happiness (or Biology of Happiness) stands for what the evolutionary perspective has to say about quality of life.

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View from the tower, where I have my home office, in the forest of Oslo.